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Anomalous strikes the perfect balance of aesthetic design and reliable software that is tailor made to your product. Whether you are looking to have a custom app or website built, or if your current software solutions are not meeting your needs, we’ve got you covered.

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Our Process


Request a Project

When you submit a project request we will typically approve it within 24 hours. We will then sign an NDA with you to make sure your project stays private.


Approve Quote

Next after discussing the project in further detail we will quote you a price. Depending on the project we will provide a pay as you go structure based on milestones or a 50% upfront and 50% upon completion. We want to work with you and will work within your budget to get the features you want.


Work Begins

After the quote is approved we will start work immediately. You will receive access to a task tracker so you can know exactly where we are in the project lifecycle.


Update and Feedback

As the project moves forward you may want to change a few things. We will provide you with constant updates and images of what you will be receiving. From these you can give us any feedback you like and we will adjust.



Once your project is completed we will run an overview with you one last time. Payment will be made and you will be all set moving forward.

2x Passion

Why Small is Better

Building a functioning product is hard work. Building a great product is even harder. Most app development companies consist of over a hundred individuals. The responsibilites are split up and communication breaks down leaving behind the details. At Anomalous, our closely knit team works together to make sure that every graphic and line of code is hand crafted to meet your specification. We’ve spent years perfecting each step of development and have realized that keeping the team lean yields the best results.

We only build with the best technologies available. Our command of the Swift programming language is unparalleled and has allowed us to create applications that maximize the utility of an iPhone and control its inner workings and hardware down to the bit. Not only are we experts at building front-end technologies and user experiences, but we have created a multitude of back-end applications involving databases and web technologies. Our choice of environment is IBM’s Bluemix as it provides full control over the application and dynamic scaling to meet up to the demands of a growing company.

Core Values

The combination of design and functionality has always defined the quality of a product. Here at Anomalous, we strive for perfect harmony.


User Interface




User Experience


The Life of the Product

The User Interface is one the most important elements of a great product. It's the bridge between the product's purpose and use interaction. Perfecting the UI is one of the most difficult and crucial pieces of the development process. Every detail and element on screen must be thought out and executed with an extreme level of precision and care. Our process of creating the best UI ensures that your product will win the hearts of your users.

Research & Analysis

We research the best existing products on the market and observe how they look and feel. We then model interactions between various elements in your application, and analyze how each interaction should be carried out to achieve the app's purpose with simplicity.


We use wireframes to sketch out visual representations of your product. They allow us to describe the flow of your application from the end user's perspective. We then use these wireframes to discuss our design with your team for any modifications.

Conceptual Design

Once the wireframing stage is complete, we build a working concept of how your product will look in production. We use this to run through multiple scenarios of how your users will interact with your application.

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Unparalled Functionality & Performance

Every product exists to serve a specific purpose. In order to give users the optimal expierence when using a product, the functionality must work flawlessly. We focus our energy to ensure that every component of your application will perform at an optimal level.

Product Architecture

Programming is a science in that it is predictable. The same code will produce the same results every time, but you can achieve that same result many different ways. It is up to the programmers discretion whether or not they build a piece of software using an old or new technology. It is this element of computer science that makes programming an art. We at Anomalous are artists. We only write beautiful future-proof code. We have studied the many forms of programming (functional, dependency-injection), and will evaluate your project to make sure we are building your application the best way possible.

Native Frameworks

In order to achieve the best performance, we incorporate native frameworks whenever possible. There are many 3rd party libraries floating around that can be used across platforms, but these libraries are not optimized for any single device. Therefore, to ensure your product is using the best technology available, we use native frameworks to build as much of your product as possible.

Performance Testing

Once your product is developed, we undergo a series of critical performance tests. We monitor each part of your product to make sure it runs at optimal levels. We look for bugs and ways in which we can improve the overall performance of your product.

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The Ultimate User Experience

We believe that the user experience is the most distinguishing factor between a good product and a great product. UX more than just great design, it is the way a product feels, performs, and acts in harmony with its functionality. At Anomalous we focus our efforts in crafting the best experience for users.

Hand Crafted Design

With every product we develop we balance simplicity with excitement. We build out each interface with a unique touch that is visually pleasing, simple, and focused on the ease of use navigating between different parts of the product.

Animations & Transitions

Correctly executed animations can add great delight and value to a product. Most apps on the market have the same navigational experience which helps the user understand the flow of the app. By keeping the same navigational workflow but customizing the transitional animations, the product will still work as expected but the visual transitions will be more fluid and engaging.

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